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I'm Sara Sturtevant. I started Sturtevant Digital Marketing to work with small businesses with interesting problems to solve. Whether it's launching a new website, growing an audience, or working through strategy to build a current business, I approach my clients with a genuine desire to help them make their goals a reality.

I love seeing projects through from start to finish. More importantly, I love working with a team and building dynamics within the team that allows space for and recognition of everyone's expertise and talents.  When people know they are valued, they can bring their whole selves to a project. This helps establish an environment conducive to creative work and great results.

I approach every project with determination, compassion, and an eye for excellent results. I am people-first centered and believe that when people are seen and heard and get what they need, they are unstoppable.

Learn more about my background.

Click here to view my resume.

My Personal Approach

  • I believe in the value of people. Everyone has something important to give. It is essential to allow people to demonstrate their value and be seen for their contributions and talents.

  • I believe in universal respect. Respect for everyone involved in a project is essential to creating an atmosphere where everyone feels valued. 

  • I believe in openness and truthfulness. An open and truthful environment and a sense of belonging create an environment for teams to operate at their best.

  • I believe in growth, both for myself and for those around me. We are all continually learning and growing. Cultivating an environment that allows people to learn and grow is fundamental to my work and the success of a business.

  • I believe differences are healthy. Differences allow for new ideas and better solutions. Diversity of thought is essential to a team.

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